Sports Massage Therapy

Massage For All
Whatever you do – whether you’re a keen sportsman or woman, have a physically demanding job, or spend your day at your desk with a computer – your body is subject to constant stresses that can cause aches, pains, stop you working or prevent you leading the life you want to live.

Using deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques (METs) I can help you feel yourself again.

And with my extensive knowledge of rehabilitatory exercise prescription, I can help you heal yourself with simple exercises to improve your posture, strength, mobility and balance so that 
your body functions more efficiently, reducing the risk of suffering pain and injury in the future.
Sports Injuries 
As well as hands-on treatment, a progressive strength and conditioning program will take you from debilitated to rehabilitated to peak performance.

Neck and Back Pain
Our modern lifestyles can be, literally, a pain in the neck, or back. Deep tissue massage can ease the pain and release tight muscles; tailored rehab exercises can help rid you of your pain permanently. 

Aches and Pains 
Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, knee pain or hip pain: even if it seems like nothing, left alone it can become debilitating. Seemingly ‘small’ aches and pains may be the result – or become the cause – of bigger problems. Whatever it is, get it treated now!
Postural Imbalances 
Poor posture is very common, whether you’re an avowed couch potato or serious gym bunny. Sports massage will stretch and tone muscles, mobilise joints and help realign your body, preventing referred aches, pains and injuries.

General Relaxation 
We’re all stressed. Massage induces the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing muscles and mind. Treat yourself! 

Runners’ Package 
If you are training for a particular running event, please contact me to book a special ‘runners’ package’ including a full training plan, weekly strength and conditioning sessions and ongoing massage to make sure you make the start line in the best condition possible.