About Robby Elson

I'm a father of two in my forties with a BSc in Philosophy and Psychology. I'm a former journalist and spent a decade as managing editor at a leading book publisher.

I have been a keen and competitive athlete since I first played mini rugby at the age of five and since then I've played and competed in a huge range of sports including rugby, hockey, sailing, judo, clay pigeon shooting, tennis, trampolining, squash, diving, table tennis, kickboxing and cross country running.

Like many others with busy lives and careers, at some point in my twenties I looked the other way and when I looked back I was overweight, unfit and, most importantly, unhappy about it. A decade sat at a desk had wreaked havoc with my health.

To motivate myself I signed up for my first half-marathon. Eight months later, when I queued with the other runners on the starting line, I had lost over 3 Stone in weight. Furthermore, I was hooked.

From that first half-marathon I quickly graduated to the marathon and then beyond, to the ultra-marathon. In September 2009 I ran 56 miles from London to Brighton, cross country. The following year I completed the 85-mile Ridgeway Challenge in 19hrs 45mins and qualified for Europe's toughest ultra-race: the Ultra-Tour de Mont Blanc. 

I continue to race and raise money for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital while every week I like to don my boxing gloves and try and stop someone bigger - and usually younger - from knocking seven bells out of me.

My spare time is spent coaching at Thames Valley Tristars, Caversham AFC and ARO Kickboxing. I'm passionate about getting kids active and engaged in sport and work within local schools offering extra-curricular running and kickboxing classes.

My latest interest is the relatively new sport of SwimRun as it combines three of my favourite activities: open water swimming long distance trail running, and dressing up like an idiot... (see opposite)



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CYQ Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist
CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer 
CYQ Exercise Referral Specialist
Certificate in Advanced Fitness Instruction
Certificate in Nutrition & Weight Management
Certificate in Training In Different Environments 
Certificate in Client Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment
Certificate in Kettlebell Instruction
Certificate in Instructing Running Technique
Certificate in Triathlon

Level 2 Triathlon Coach
Level 1 FA Coach
MAAS Licensed Kickboxing Coach

Emergency First Aid Qualified
Water Safety Award for Teachers