'Robby is an amazing trainer. He looked into my needs and reflected on my ambition which was to run the London Marathon. He also took into consideration my busy sales job and wanting to socialise! He designed a training program that fit into my life and was ideal for me.
    When I was training with Robby, I had regular communication with him to see how I was doing – whether it was ensuring my core was strengthened or I had increased my running miles.
He also kept me updated with regular races and often ran them with me to help me improve on my technique. This resulted in me getting my personal best at every race.
    I would recommend Robby to anyone: prior to using him I never thought I could go from running 13.1 miles to a full marathon. So if you want achieve your next physical ambition use Robby Elson!'
                                                                                                                        – Kirsty Adlem

'I started sessions with Robby just over a year ago; I was turning 40 and lacking the motivation to lose weight and improve my fitness and felt I needed someone to spur me on.
    We began with personal training sessions, usually in my house or garden, which I absolutely loved. Robby has a very quiet manner - not the US military style which I'd expected of a personal trainer - but he quickly worked out how I tick and the best ways to motivate me, and within weeks I was seeing results and making noticeable progress.
    I still do the odd PT session but mainly attend his boxing and tone-up sessions these days and always actively look forward to them and enjoy the challenge and the banter.
    Friends have commented how i have lost weight and toned up, and I'm considerably fitter. Robby ensures that we work the whole body, not just the bits we think need attention - and I feel so much stronger and physically capable.
    I love the sessions with Robby and if I could, I'd do them every day!'
                                        – Esther Pasmore
'Robby comes highly recommended and achieves genuine results. His holistic approach not only works but it feels great. He is dedicated and committed to every individual and their specific needs. He understands how the body works and is very realistic with what it can achieve. His knowledge fills me with great confidence that not only am I in the hands of an expert but it is money well spent.' 
                                        – Harinder Smith

I have used Robby as my personal trainer for 18 months. Having already had one surgical procedure on my hip, he has helped me strengthen, increase mobility and stability around the joint and so avoid further surgery. Robby provides creative and interesting programs each week, often adding changes to surprise me. He manages to push me in a friendly and supportive way and I always feel like I've had a good workout after each session. Robby demonstrates a commitment to improve my overall health and fitness and is extremely flexible to fit around my busy schedule. There is never a dull session - the time flies by!
                                        – Nicole Cassar

Robby has helped me out adjusting to a new style of running from a heavy landing heel striking over pronator to a long distance bare foot runner. I am still using his natural, effective and simple technique. Looking forward to progressing further with some of his other classes.
                                        – Janine Lewis