Personal Training

Perfect Fit Personal Training brings the gym to you at a time convenient to you. Personal Trainer Robby Elson can visit you at your home or local park anywhere in the Reading and South Oxfordshire area.

Sessions typically last an hour but can be tailored to fit your busy schedule – from half-an-hour upwards.

Your first session is absolutely FREE!

It involves a short interview and a few basic exercises in order to establish your exercise history, eating habits, current health and physical strengths.

Should you then wish to continue working with me, we develop a mutually agreed plan to help you reach both your long and short term goals.

Your plan will include nutritional advice and, if required, a diet plan can also be established either to help you lose fat, or to improve your athletic performance.

Best results are achieved by training at least twice a week. However, your time – and money – is precious; should you wish to train less frequently I can provide bespoke exercise plans that are easy to follow and to fit in with your own busy lifestyle.

The focus of all Perfect Fit Personal Training sessions is on functional fitness, not fad exercise techniques.

We are all different and we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Your exercise program will be tailored to your specific individual requirements, in particular your postural strengths and weaknesses.

Posture is incredibly important both for peak athletic performance and everyday healthy living. It affects how we sit, walk, run or perform any action. 

Bad posture impairs our bodies' functional ability and can lead to serious injury – chronic and acute – or even illness.

The machines at your local gym are actually designed to remove the need for core strength, balance or functional stability. 

Your Perfect Fit training plan will be created specifically for you to promote whole-body fitness. This is not only beneficial for everyday health,  and more effective for weight loss, but also for preventing injuries in athletes undertaking sports-specific conditioning.