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Why Do My Kids Need Exercise?

With up to 30% of 10 to 15 year-olds overweight and 20% obese, poor diet and inactivity is creating a generation doomed to poor health and early deaths.

'Growth comes from activity, not from intellectual understanding.' – Maria Montessori

The key to keeping fit and healthy for life is to find joy in movement. We see this kind of joy in our children everyday. A five-year old doesn't run to get from A-B in the fastest way possible; or jump, hop, crawl, throw, spin for any other reason than it's fun to do so. 

Children naturally explore different ways of physically interacting with the world. They develop movement patterns that would have been vital to our survival in our evolutionary past – movements patterns that many of us lose with increasingly sedentary lives.
'Imitation is the first instinct of the awakening mind.' 
– Maria Montessori

Children learn 'normal' behaviour from adults, particularly their parents. If they see their parents exercising, moving and enjoying themselves as part of their daily lives, their own natural instincts to do the same are reinforced, hopefully for life.

Our parent/child exercise classes are a fantastic way for you to spend time with your children, to set a positive example that, no matter how 'old and boring' you are, you can still have fun through exercise!

These classes are games-based; as well as focusing on fun, they reinforce natural, functional movements essential for long-term physical health and strength.