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Barefoot is best!
New York Magazine has an excellent feature – including an interview with old friend and owner of VivoBarefoot shoes – on why barefoot is best for us, whether running or walking. Read more here.

Barefoot Running 
A podiatrist explains why barefoot or natural running form can help reduce injury and bursts the myths of the non-believers! Click here to view the article at Podiatry Today.

Running Form 
Patton Gleason of the highly recommended US-based NaturalRunningStore, with a brilliant demonstration of why most modern running shoes are bad for you and your running, here.

The 100-Up 
An exercise for perfect running: Click here for video at The New York Times and see the attachment, 'The Once and Future Way to Run', by Chris McDougall on barefoot running and the '100-Up' technique to establish perfect running form. NOTE: you are not meant to run as in the exercise; the exercise merely helps train the right muscles for good running technique.


See news of my wonderful client Kirsty Adlem; she's worked so hard and I'm very proud of her. Click here.
Robby Elson,
7 Nov 2011, 13:55