Kickboxing is an incredibly fun and effective form of exercise. Its focus on relatively short, explosive bursts of effort is perfect for fat loss and leads to extremely rapid improvements in cardiovascular fitness.

The basic techniques can be picked up extremely quickly, but can take a lifetime to master. As such, you'll never get bored with your training – there's always more to learn!

What's more, the self-defence skills that you learn will fill you with confidence.

Even if you are training for endurance events, kickboxing is an ideal form of cross-training – a whole body workout that promotes muscular balance and increased lactate threshold.

I am an instructor with ARO Fitness Kickboxing, a club with over ten years experience of providing first-class coaching to adults and children from the age of 4 and up, including working with local schools.
My classes are held at Caversham Hall, St John's Road, Reading, RG4 5AN.

4.45pm Kids Kickboxing, ages 6-12yrs
Children from age 4 will be considered if they show ability and depending on space.

7-8pm Mixed Beginners and Improvers
8-9pm Ladies Only

Please call for more details, or contact ARO via the link on the left.

Please note, ARO members have access to a huge range of exercise classes in Reading, Henley, Basingstoke and Chichester, as well as the use of a gym, and discounted personal training sessions with Perfect Fit PT.