Weight loss, fitness, group training, nutritional support 

– at home or at a private studio in Pangbourne.

'An exceptional trainer and in a very different mould to the rather stereotypical view of a PT. He encourages and motivates through his knowledge and getting you to buy into what he is helping you to achieve, rather than by "motivating" in the normal fist pumping style.' – Gavin M-S


Running, triathlon and kickboxing for adults and children – one-to-one, group training and in primary/secondary schools.

'… transformed my running and guided me through the training
of my first marathon – which went so well that I kept going!
Thanks for your sound advice and encouragement. So far you've never said "that's a crazy/silly challenge" which ultimately made me believe it's not just doable, but that I can do it. My idea of impossible has shifted considerably in the last year.' – Sophia G


Proven track-record in improving running technique 
and treating gait-related injuries with novices and high-performance athletes.

'I can't recommend this enough – great value for a life changing 90 -minute session.'  – Matt R

'I was actually struggling to sleep all of the way through the night because of upper back pain post running, and that pain has entirely gone now… I've genuinely gone from being worried about my training runs to really looking forward to it again… a big thank you for that.'
– Henry M

'Thanks for the workshop… I’ve broken pretty much all my PB’s in the last few weeks.' – Peter H

'Robby Elson you have worked magic - first run felt so much better!' – Steve W


Specialist in the use of exercise to prevent and treat injury.
Working within a network of physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths and podiatrists.


Deep tissue massage to treat aches, pains and injuries

'Having already had one surgical procedure on my hip, Robby has helped me strengthen, increase mobility and stability around the joint and so avoid further surgery.' – Nicole C